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3 Paintings of Oil on Canvas 



Sunflower Fields Forever
8 x 10"

Informed by my photo of my cousin Linda and her daughter's son Liam taken in the sunflower fields at the Pindar, North Fork Vineyard, summer of 2018. The painting hangs amidst a collection of family memorabilia on her kitchen wall.

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Best Friends
8 x 10"

A quiet moment at home between one year old Liam and his best friend Missy, captured by his mother, Laura; A dash of fantasy, informed by the artist's recent trip to Tokyo Bay, extends their view. The painting hangs in the heart of his grandparent's NY home.


Sweet Dreams
6 x 6"

Precious image of 24-day-old Leanna was shared on FB by her mother, Laura, spring of 2019. The painting stands on a piece of furniture in her grandma's home.