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Our First 25 Years
Oil on Canvas  (60 x 48")


Commissioned by Dave Ackley in 2020 as a birthday gift to the artist. It took 2 years to complete during the COVID–19 quarantine.

The big painting is based on our life together, 25 years so far.

Time is presented in three scales: First, eighty six–inch squares, one per year starting with 1956; winding rows; gray scale until we met. Second, the background landscape is based on 2015 York, UK selfie. Third, splotches of color, informed by Scott Thrift's ‘The Present’ clock from MoMA to track the seasons of Dave's 2016 sabbatical; and, in the style of ‘Bluebird’ by Martiros Adalian, in my friend's collection.

(private collection)