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The DAO Objective Function

The Objective Function[*], $f$, embodies all the contraints used to match students and dorm room beds. The domain is all the students in their beds.

The details of the two types of errors: Room-student and student-consensus, are as follows:[*]

Bed not in a bed 1 * ERR_NOBED
Gender % latex2html id marker 2011
$^{\ref{hardsex}}$ male in a female room, or female in a male room 1 * ERR_WRONG_SEX
Smoke non-smoker in a smoking room, or smoker in a non-smoking room; 1 * ERR_WRONG_SMOKE
  objector in a smoking room, or objector in a smoking-either room * SMOKE_OBJ_WEIGHT
Dorm Prefs% latex2html id marker 2013
$^{\ref{fndp}}$ specific room/bed, building, or better bed request not granted $w$ * ERR_SPECIFIC_ROOM% latex2html id marker 2017
  Special Living Option (SLO) $w$ * ERR_SPECIAL_LIVING% latex2html id marker 2021
  $1^{st}$ Hall choice not granted $w$ * ERR_DORM_CHOICE1% latex2html id marker 2027
  $2^{nd}$ Hall choice not granted $w$ * ERR_DORM_CHOICE2% latex2html id marker 2033
  $3^{rd}$ Hall choice not granted $w$ * ERR_DORM_CHOICE3% latex2html id marker 2039
  Room-type not granted $w$ * ERR_ROOM_PREF% latex2html id marker 2043
Underage the dorm has age restrictions % latex2html id marker 2045
$^{\ref{fndini}}$ and the student's age is less than UNDER_THIS_AGE, or missing uses MIN_AGE_DEFAULT # years under age *
New Resident the dorm has new restrictions % latex2html id marker 2047
$^{\ref{fndini}}$ and the student has been a resident NEW_RESIDENCY_SEMESTERS (NEW_RESIDENCY_SEMESTERS
- student$[ncs] + 1)$ *
ERR_NEW_RESIDENT % latex2html id marker 2051
Un-requested SLO the dorm has special living options but the student did not request a slo % latex2html id marker 2053
$^{\ref{fndvns}}$, or dorm has special living options different than the student's requested slo % latex2html id marker 2055
$^{\ref{fndvns}}$ 1 *
Better Bed student is not in a better bed % latex2html id marker 2057
$^{\ref{fndini2}}$ student$[ncs]$ *
ERR_BETTER_BED % latex2html id marker 2061
Different Hall student is not in the first hall, as initialized by ASSIGN.LST % latex2html id marker 2063
$^{\ref{fninitpl}}$ 1 * ERR_DIFFERENT_HALL
Different Bed student is in the same first hall, but a different bed, as initialized by ASSIGN.LST % latex2html id marker 2065
$^{\ref{fninitpl}}$ 1 * ERR_DIFFERENT_BED
Worse Hall student is not in the first hall or better hall according to their prefs, as initialized by ASSIGN.LST % latex2html id marker 2067
$^{\ref{fninitpl}}$ 1 * ERR_WORSE_HALL


Gender % latex2html id marker 2069
$^{\ref{fneither}}$+ not completely one gender # students * $\min[gender]$ *
Smoke % latex2html id marker 2073
$^{\ref{fneither}}$+ not completely smokers or non-smokers (smokers penalized); # smokers *
  if any smoke objector is present * SMOKE_OBJ_WEIGHT
Music for each student's objection clashing with another student's preference (both penalized) 2 * # clashes *
Study Late not completely late studiers, or not, lateness specifiers suffer # late studiers *
$\min[late yes/no]$ *
Age Difference for each student in the room with a dob, $\max[\Delta age]$ between everyone unacceptable each student's $\max[\Delta age]$ $>$ ACCEPT_AGE_DIFF *
Group % latex2html id marker 2083
$^{\ref{fneither}}$+ for each student in the room without requested roommates% latex2html id marker 2085
$^{\ref{fnbf}}$ $w$ * # requested mates not present *
ERR_GROUP_INCOMPLETE% latex2html id marker 2089
Suite each adjoining room's Group, Gender, and Smoke constraints are re-evaluated upon a move for the intermediate global grade calculations  
Partial Fill % latex2html id marker 2091
$^{\ref{fnpf}}$ room is partially filled or empty, not including blocks $\min[emptybeds,filledbeds]$ * # students *
Triple Fill double room is packed with three students # students *
First Timer room has first time residents and overriding renewals # first-time students *
(old$[ncs] -
$firsts$[ncs]) *$
ERR_MIXED_FIRSTTIMER % latex2html id marker 2099


  1. Gender became a `hard constraint' in DAO version v0.93, guaranteeing the randomly-chosen bed will always be the appropriate gender, without requiring a large constraint value to ensure it.

  2. Each student is allowed three hall choices, one special living option, one specific room request, and a room type.

  3. Where $ncs$ is the number of consecutive semesters of dorm residency.

  4. Where $w$ is the weight based on the seniority (the number of concurrent semesters residing in the dorms) times SENIORITY_WEIGHT, plus any lottery benefit, $l$.

    \begin{displaymath}w = \mbox{(senior * {\small SENIORITY\_WEIGHT})} + l\end{displaymath}

    Lottery benefit is based on the LOTTERY_BENEFIT: The tenths of a semester's seniority weight the first lottery number is worth. The last lottery number is worth no extra priority. The Lottery number in the middle is worth half as much as the first, the rest are distributed evenly in between. Lottery numbers are tracked separately for new and returning students. To maintain distinct seniority levels, the LOTTERY_BENEFIT should be less than one full semester's weight (9 at most). The lower this benefit, the better the overall assignments will be since first-come order is just random noise to good matches.

  5. The DORMS.INI configuration file designates the dorms with new resident and underage restrictions.

  6. For non-smokers, the DVNS special living option is a big exception because it refers to the entire non-smoking building of DeVargas (version v1.00).

  7. The DORMS.INI configuration file designates the dorms with better beds and the beds that are better.

  8. The ASSIGN.LST input file contains students' current assignments in HMS.

  9. Applies to rooms where the specific designation is either (not including virtuals). The + indicates the constraint applies across adjoining suites.

  10. A bestfriend is the first roommate requested when a double room is also requested. A bestfriend must be present in the same room, an adjoining room is not sufficient.

  11. Minimizes the number of partially filled rooms and reduces the consolidation process. This error compensates for the smaller music, age or other penalties, but if too large, can disregard hall choices.

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